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We provide services for modern and historic home additions. Adding onto your home can be a investment, and we have all the tools and expertise to create the quality finish you deserve. Factors to be considered are: Matching the floor levels when the existing structure's floors are uneven. Underpinning existing foundations. Creating the right size and proportions with the addition, as to not overpower the existing structure. Selecting the proper size and style of windows, doors and cornice work that compliments the existing structure. Matching the interior trim, doors, and flooring with the existing structure's architecture to deliver a seamless flow throughout.

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Historic Additions historic additions There are many reasons why additions on historic properties are needed:
Create a better flow.
Design for how we live today.
Open up spaces.
Move storage facilities.
Add bathrooms.
Add more glass to connect visually with outside spaces.
Modern and functioning kitchens blend into old house settings.
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Second Story second story addition If you live in a single floor ranch, a raised ranch, cape or even a two story home you can add a new level. There are many inspections and structural tests that need to be passed before beginning. One example to consider is your foundation needs to be at least 8 inches thick and should be in good condition. There are three types of vertical expansion:
Tearing off the roof and build a whole new upper level.
Sever the existing roof around the edges and lift it off temporarily, then put it back in place after the new level has been framed in.
Expand an upper level out across an existing one-story section, such as a flat-roof garage or porch.
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Rooms room addition There are many choices in adding on rooms to your home. Our custom Builders have experience with bathrooms, kitchens, sunrooms, family rooms, TV and entertainment rooms, adding dormers, and so much more.
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Garage garage additions Adding a garage is not only a great space for parking your car, but also used for storage and appliances. Garages also open doors for adding on frog rooms in the future. We have experience with building custom and prefabricated garages of any size and style.
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