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Our Aging in Place services are available to clients that would like to have their home modified to assist everyday needs. Our aging in place remodelers specialize in converting your home into a convenient, safe and comfortable atmosphere while keeping the physical appeal exquisite.

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Remodeling Remodeling More and more of our clients are choosing to stay at home and remodel rather than moving. Relocating can cost 8% - 10% of the value of your home. Remodeling and renovating creates a more accessible space to live, while enjoying the home that you cherish. We have completed over three hundred aging in place remodels, ranging from bathrooms to kitchens, living spaces, outdoor spaces and much more. Our services are not only limited to big jobs but handy jobs as well. Our handy services include grab bar installations, stair lift installations and repair, wheelchair lift installations and repair, ramps, lighting, minor plumbing and electrical, and much more.
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Security Security We take home security to another level, by not only providing the most common services, but also providing specialty security services making sure that no corners are cut. Please view the list below for some of the services that we offer.
Variety of Door and/or Phone devices for Sensory Impaired
Trip/Fall Alarms
Door Cameras, that you can check through your computer on a closed circuit television.
Medication Reminders
Caregiver Cameras, that you will be able to view what is happening in the house from any computer.

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Electrical Electrical We off customized electrical installations as well as small electrical services. Some of our services include:
Generators: Back-up Power in Case of Black Out
Raise Outlet Heights
Larger Electrical Panels (or Sub-Panels): Accomodates New Appliances, Medical Devices, Lifts, etc.
Additional Outlets at Front of Cabinets

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Plumbing Plumbing We strive to provide every service necessary so that you can enjoy your home with the same comfort you have always had. Making proper adjustments to keep up with this standard is what we are here for. Our plumbing services, like our other service departments, are very broad. We install anti-scald devices, water heaters, foot pedal operated faucets, and much more. Contact one of our aging in place plumbing specialists to find out more information on our services and what's available for your home modification.
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